Urbs Roma Coin, Romulus and Remus

Date: c. 330 - 336 CE
Roman Empire

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Item Description:

 These Urbs Roma commemorative Roman coins were minted during the reign of Emperor Constantine the Great, to mark the establishment of Constantinople as the new capital of the Roman Empire. "Urbs Roma" is Latin for "To the City of Rome," a slogan that is seen on the obverse side of these coins.

This celebration of the city of Rome was likely strategic—by praising the city on these coins, Constantine sought to emphasize the continuity of the Roman Empire and its rich cultural heritage, despite the shift in political power to a new capital.

The personification of Roma, the goddess of the city of Rome, is used as a symbol of strength and authority on the obverse side of these coins. The reverse side displays a she-wolf suckling the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, an ode to the foundational myth of the city.

As the story goes, Romulus and Remus were twin brothers born to the vestal virgin Rhea Silvia and the god Mars. As pawns in a royal power struggle, they were abandoned as infants and raised by a she-wolf in the wilderness. Upon discovering their royal heritage, they decided to build a city but disagreed on its location. This dispute escalated into a violent confrontation, resulting in Romulus killing Remus. Romulus then founded Rome in 753 BCE, becoming its first king and establishing a legacy that would shape Western civilization.

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