Shipping FAQs

When will my order ship?

Your order will be shipped approximately 1 - 2 business days after your payment is processed. Higher volume orders (15+ items) may take us a little longer, so let us know if you have a delivery deadline to meet.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

This depends on the shipping method chosen, but our standard Free or Economy tiers take approximately 3 to 6 business days to be delivered within the United States. This is in addition to our 1 to 2 day processing time. 

How can I track my order?

You'll receive a notification by email once your order ships, which will include the tracking number.

I received a shipping notification, but the tracking page says that the post office has not yet received my order.

Usually this means that the package is already in a post office collection bin, but is still waiting to be processed. The tracking information can also take up to 48 hours to update, in addition to the time it takes for the post office to scan in the package. Higher mail volume during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased post office processing times, and some packages may take an extra day or two to be scanned as well.

My package is taking longer than expected to arrive. What can I do?

Unfortunately some mail and freight carriers are taking longer to deliver some packages due to COVID-19 related delays. Most packages arrive within the specified deadline, but occasionally some take a few extra days. While we wish we could help in these cases, packages are completely out of our control once they have been handed over to a delivery service. If your package fails to arrive within two weeks, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Other Inquiries:

Help is just an email away! Please send any further questions to We do our best to respond quickly during our hours of operation, Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM (excluding holidays)!

We only send emails about newly added items.