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Item Description:

These bonds were issued by the American River Water & Mining Company. They were signed in Folsom, California and were redeemable for $22.50 each on September 1st, 1865.

The document is folded on both ends, which was done prior to us acquiring it.

Background Info:

As the California Gold Rush boomed, large mining companies emerged that employed hundreds of workers and used more sophisticated technology to extract gold from the ground. These companies often displaced individual prospectors and small-scale miners, leading to conflicts and tensions over land ownership and resource extraction.

In December 1854, the American River Water & Mining Company was established in collaboration with the Natoma Water & Mining Company to supply water and irrigation to the region surrounding Folsom, California. They were instrumental in constructing the first Folsom Dam and were also involved in managing a 2,000-acre vineyard located outside Sacramento.

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