Studebaker Corporation Stock Certificate

Date: 1940s - 1950s
Auto Industry

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Item Description:

 The South Bend, Indiana based Studebaker Corporation was originally founded in 1852 as a coachbuilder manufacturing wagons, buggies, and carriers. In 1902, Studebaker entered the automobile market with electric cars before transitioning to gasoline-powered vehicles in 1904 under the name Studebaker Automobile Company. The company saw a major increase in profits as they manufactured a variety of equipment and vehicles for the British during World War I including ambulances, transport wagons and artillery harnesses. Studebaker continued to make advancements in engineering throughout the 1920s and ‘30s, and during World War II assisted in the manufacturing of engine assembly for B–17s as well as personnel and cargo carriers.

Following the war, Studebaker returned to automobile manufacturing, marketing with the slogan “First by far with a post-war car.” Despite thoughtful preparation and marketing strategies implemented for the postwar market, reviews to the newly launched lines of automobiles were mixed. A departure of management, and competition from increased production from Henry Ford II saw further challenges for Studebaker. Labor strikes and a dramatic drop in sales led to the closure of its South Bend, Indiana plant in late 1963. The closure of the plant was particularly difficult for the community, as Studebaker had been the largest employer in the county. Following more plant closures, and failed attempts at contracts with other automakers, Studebaker would finally close its automotive division in 1969.

These particular stock certificates were issued in the 1940s to 1950s.

A 1941 Studebaker Champion 2-door sedan

The stock certificate comes with a rigid archival document holder for preservation and handling. A Certificate of Authenticity is also included.

NOTE: This certificate has no value as a financial asset, and will not be honored by any extant company today.

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