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"Stars and Stripes" is an American military newspaper that has been published in various forms since during the Civil War, and has continued to the present day. Though the newspaper operates from inside the Department of Defense, the publication states that it is editorially separate from it in order to maintain First Amendment-style independence.

Though the first issue was produced during the Civil War by Union soldiers in 1861, the version of "Stars and Stripes" that we know today began during World War I. The paper was published in London for American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) stationed in Europe, a tradition that was continued and expanded when the Second World War struck.

During World War II, the "Stars and Stripes" newspaper significantly bolstered the morale and connectivity of American troops, serving as a vital link between the warfront and home by delivering news, sports scores, and serialized fiction. It also celebrated victories and heroic deeds on the front, with the goal of enhancing troop spirits.

The newspaper provided a comedic reprieve through cartoons like Bill Mauldin's "Willie and Joe," while also serving as a vocal platform for soldiers to express their experiences and concerns, even enabling them to critique military policies through its editorial independence. "Stars and Stripes" expanded its reach across numerous war theaters, ensuring tailored information was accessible to U.S. forces globally and maintained its publication into the post-war era, documenting reconstruction and further international military activities.

The issues in this collection were those published in the European theatre of World War II, and will mainly contain stories related to this area. Each issue is at least 4 full pages long, and measures 11.5 x 17 inches. 

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