Spanish "Piece of Eight" With Chinese Chopmarks

Date: 1808 - 1825
Circulated in Asia

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Item Description:

The Spanish silver dollar, known as the "Piece of Eight" or "Real de a Ocho," was one of the most influential currencies during the 1700s and 1800s. It became a global currency due to its high silver content, consistency, and widespread availability from the rich mines of the New World in the Spanish Empire. The coin played a crucial role in the burgeoning international trade, with a significant reach even extending to Asia. Chinese merchants, in particular, often preferred these coins over local coinage because of their reliable silver content.

Interestingly, when these Spanish silver dollars circulated in Asia, they frequently received chop marks, which are small Chinese characters stamped onto the coin. Chop marking was a practice used by merchants and assayers in China and elsewhere in East Asia to verify the authenticity and purity of the silver in the coin. Each chop mark signified that the coin had been independently tested by the person or organization associated with the chop mark. This system ensured trust in the currency, allowing Spanish silver dollars to circulate more freely and widely in the region, which in turn significantly facilitated trade across the continent.

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