Soviet Space Race Pin - 1955 to 1975 - Soviet Union
Soviet Space Race Pin - 1955 to 1975 - Soviet Union
Soviet Space Race Pin - 1955 to 1975 - Soviet Union
Soviet Space Race Pin - 1955 to 1975 - Soviet Union

Soviet Space Race Pin

Date: 1955 to 1975

Origin: Soviet Union

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Origin: These lapel pins (known as znachki in Russian) were issued in the Soviet Union to commemorate important milestones in the Space Race (1955 - 1975), a period of intense competition in spaceflight between the USSR and the United States. Most of these pins pertain to a specific program or mission, though some celebrate Soviet spaceflight as a whole.

Each purchase will include a random Soviet era pin commemorating a milestone of the Space Race. Many different varieties exist, and we have more types than just the ones shown in the photos! If you buy multiple, we will do our best to ensure that you do not receive a duplicate.

Though Russian znachki pins have a long history dating back to the 1700's, they became a true cultural icon during the Soviet era. While they were sometimes used as simple propaganda, thousands of different designs were produced during the 20th century celebrating topics like sports, culture, factories, agriculture, and of course space. The intricate and colorful designs made them highly sought after collectors items in their day, with many Soviet hobbyists trying to collect complete sets.

These particular pins were purchased from a Ukrainian collectibles dealer in early 2022, who graciously agreed to ship them to the US despite the ongoing conflict.

Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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