Santa Clara County Auditor Checks

Date: 1855 - 1858
Santa Clara, CA

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Item Description:

These two checks from the Santa Clara County, California auditor's office are for $2 and $15 each. Though the $2 check is not written very legibly, the $15 check is for "services as school marshall."

Santa Clara's first American settlers largely came during the California Gold Rush. The auditor's office would have been responsible for keeping the city budget and issuing payments like these when necessary.

Background Info:

Miners in the California Gold Rush (1848 - 1855) needed a way to securely store and transport gold to avoid theft or loss, and banks provided an easy solution. Many would deposit their gold at financial institutions for safekeeping, and would often receive paper currency or bank drafts in exchange for their gold. The gold would then be melted down and refined by the banks before being sold or used to back currency. As the gold rush continued and more deposits were made, banks and financial institutions became a crucial part of the economy of the American West.

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