Roman Egypt, Nero Tetradrachm

Date: 54 - 68 CE
Roman Empire

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Item Description:

 From the stories of tyranny and debauchery to his unmistakable chin, Emperor Nero is easily one of the most infamous leaders in Roman history.

He certainly had a strong affinity to violenceNero attempted to murder his own mother several times before finally succeeding, and also killed at least one of his wives. His demise ended the Judio-Claudian dynasty and left a legacy of chaos, leading to the disastrous "Year of Four Emperors" that left Rome without a clear ruler. However, the one thing Nero probably didn't do was play his fiddle as Rome burned down—this is only a myth, although his reputation certainly makes it believable.

These tetradrachms were minted in Alexandria, Egypt, and were made from a silver alloy called billon. At the time, Alexandria was not a traditional part of the Roman Empire, but rather it was considered the emperor's personal possession. Even Roman senators were not allowed to visit the area without the express permission of the emperor, and coins minted within Egypt did not circulate outside the region.

The coins feature the radiate bust of Nero on the obverse side. The reverse side of these coins vary, depicting over 150 variants of royals, Egyptian deities, and other figures.

Each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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