Receipt for Livestock (Providence, Rhode Island)

Date: August 15, 1781
United States

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Item Description:

Year: August 15th, 1781

Size: 8 x 3 inches

Description: This receipt from "North Providence" documents a purchase between a Stephen Randal and a John Randal, during which the former bought a horse from the latter for "twenty five silver dollars".

Providence was a bustling city during the late 1700's, renowned for its thriving maritime industry and trade. The city's strategic location on the coast and natural harbor made it a hub for trade and shipping, attracting numerous merchants and shipbuilders. Providence was also home to a thriving industrial sector, with factories producing textiles, iron goods, and other products.

Handling & Care Instructions: To prevent the ink from fading, store in a low light environment and keep out of direct sunlight. UV light can be damaging to antique documents. Handle with clean hands. Gloves are not suggested as they can make hand movement less precise, leading to an increased risk of dropping or ripping the document.

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