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Item Description:

Ever wonder what happens to the coins that don't make the grade?

These low grade coins include everything from ancient Roman denarii to U.S. Civil War era pennies. Although they may not be as pretty, they're still just as authentic and historical as the ones in better condition.

The level of detail present will vary. Some coins will be nearly perfect except for a hole drilled through them, while others will be heavily worn or damaged. All coins include basic identifying info, though it will not go into too much detail (example: "Roman denarius," "Spanish copper cob," "U.S. 2 cent piece," etc).

You can choose from two types of coins: Ancient and Medieval (c. 100's BCE to 1500's CE) or U.S. and Modern (c. 1500's to 1900's CE). The latter is a mix of half antique U.S. currency and half world coins from the Renaissance to approximately the 1950's.

Some non-coin items, like damaged campaign pins or WWII ration tokens, may also be included.

Where do these coins come from?

When we buy large amounts of coins in bulk, not everything we get meets our standards. We carefully sort through new lots of coins that we acquire and remove anything that's too damaged, poorly struck, holed, or worn. We've decided to sell them at a discount here!

What comes with each purchase?

The coins will come in clear archival coin flips that include basic identifying info written on them. Unlike our other items though, no certificates or display boxes will be included.

We'll do our best to make sure you don't get any duplicate coins with your purchase, although if you order more than 5 you may receive some of the same types.

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Your order will include:

  • Random coins of a quantity of your choice
  • Clear archival coin flips for each coin
  • Basic identification info written on each (example: "Roman denarius," "Spanish copper cob," "U.S. 2 cent piece," etc)


History Hoard relics are guaranteed authentic and have a 100% money back policy. Read more about the History Hoard Promise. 

Your order will include:

  • The historical item(s) shown above
  • Glass top leatherette display box
  • Information card and Certificate of Authenticity

Our original glass and leatherette display boxes showcase your relic above a custom information card, with a design unique to History Hoard.

Authenticity Guaranteed

History Hoard relics are guaranteed genuine and are backed by a 100% money back policy.

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