Ptolemaic Egypt, Bronze Coin (8.56g, 22mm)

Date: c. 323 - 30 BCE
Greek Egypt

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Item Description:

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These bronze coins were struck in Egypt during the Ptolemaic period. They feature the portrait of Zeus on the obverse and a pair of eagles on the reverse.

Ptolemaic Egypt, spanning from 305 BCE to 30 BCE, marked a significant chapter in the region's history as the Hellenistic successor state to Alexander the Great's empire. Established by Ptolemy I Soter, a former general under Alexander, the Ptolemaic dynasty blended Greek and Egyptian cultures, maintaining the pharaonic system while introducing Hellenistic administrative, cultural, and architectural influences. Centered in Alexandria, the dynasty fostered a vibrant intellectual and artistic environment, boasting the Great Library and the Pharos Lighthouse. Despite these achievements, Ptolemaic Egypt was marked by internal struggles, external conflicts with the Seleucid Empire and Rome, and eventual decline, culminating in the dramatic end with the defeat of Cleopatra VII by Augustus Caesar, heralding the annexation of Egypt into the Roman Empire.

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