Parthian Empire, Silver Drachm, Vologases III

Date: 105 - 147 CE
Ancient Persia

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Item Description:

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  • Denomination: Drachm
  • Authority: King Vologases III
  • Type Number: Sellwood 78 (referring to the 2nd edition of David Sellwood's The Coinage of Parthia, which is the standard reference book for Parthian coins)

The Parthian Empire covered most of the Middle East at it's greatest extent, nearly stretching from the Mediterranean to the Indian subcontinent. These silver drachms feature various Parthian kings on the obverse, and typically show an archer surrounded by Greek lettering on the reverse.

Parthia was a major political power for nearly 500 years, acting as a center of trade and commerce along the Silk Road. The influence of Greek culture still existed in the region long after Alexander the Great's Middle Eastern campaign, but Islam still wouldn't arrive in the region for a few more centuries. The Parthians were frequently at war with their western neighbors, such as the Seleucids, the Scythians, and eventually the late Roman Empire. However, much of the empire's history is only known through external sources as few Parthian writings survivemaking the study of coins like these all the more useful to understanding the period.

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