Mysia, Greek Gorgon Drachm

Date: c. 500 - 400 BCE

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Origin: These silver drachms from the city of Parion in Mysia feature a distinctive design that reflects the rich mythology and culture of the ancient Greek world. The obverse of these coins is adorned with the image of a gorgon, a creature from Greek mythology, sticking its tongue out. The reverse, on the other hand, showcases a rough cross shape with a dot in the center, a symbol whose meaning remains a subject of historical interpretation.

The gorgon, as depicted on these coins, is a creature of fascinating mythological origin. In ancient Greek mythology, gorgons were terrifying female creatures whose gaze could turn people to stone. The most famous of them was Medusa, who was ultimately slain by the hero Perseus. The gorgon's image was often used as a protective symbol, believed to ward off evil. The sticking out of the tongue on these coins could be seen as a further gesture of defiance, enhancing the protective power of the gorgon image.

The city of Parion, where these coins were minted, was an important ancient city located in the region of Mysia, in what is now modern-day Turkey. Mysia was known for its fertile lands and strategic location, which made it a significant hub of activity in ancient times. Parion, situated on the coast of the Sea of Marmara, was particularly renowned for its strategic position along the major sea route connecting the Aegean Sea with the Black Sea. This made it a bustling center of trade and culture, where such beautifully crafted silver drachms would have been in circulation.

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