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These thick bronze "dam" coins date back to India's Mughal Empire and were minted under Emperor Akbar, sometimes better known as Akbar the Great (1556 - 1605 CE).

Bronze dams were worth 1/40th of a silver rupee, the system of currency used in India at that time. They are widely regarded for their large size, with each measuring almost half an inch thick and weighing in about 20 grams. Each features inscriptions in Persian, which was widespread in the Mughal Empire, and can show different combinations of the year, name of the emperor, city where the coin was minted, and religious messaging.

Akbar himself is one of the most well regarded emperors in the history of the Mughal Empire, and perhaps the entire Indian subcontinent. Ruling over a culturally diverse empire, Akbar strategically used diplomacy and religiously tolerant policies to win over the support of his non-Muslim subjects. Interestingly, Akbar also encouraged poets, authors, and other scholars, although he himself was illiterate. The Mughal Empire tripled in both size and wealth during this time, and a golden age began for Indo-Persian culture. 

Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Portrait of Akbar, circa 1630 CE.

Portrait of Akbar, circa 1630 CE.

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