Mid-19th Century Saddlebag

Date: Mid 1800's
United States

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Item Description:

This small leather bag features a long extended flap on the back, indicating that it was meant to attach to a horse's saddle. Though its original purpose is lost to history, its size and shape indicate that it could have been used as a non-military ammunition box or a letter pouch for a courier.

This bag has clearly seen substantial use, as the leather has mild scratches and stains. The strap that fits with the buckle is missing a piece on the end and is no longer able to close. The leather is stiff overall, consistent with the bag's age.

This item comes from a private collection in Glorieta, New Mexico.

Background Info:

Saddlebags were a common accessory used on horses in the 1800s, particularly in rural and frontier areas. They were typically made of leather or canvas, and designed to be hung over the horse's saddle to provide extra storage space for supplies and equipment. Saddlebags allowed riders to carry a range of items, from food and water to tools and weapons, without excessively weighing down the horse or rider. They were particularly useful for long journeys or for those working in remote locations, such as cowboys or homesteaders.

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