Metapontum, Greek Didrachm, Leukippos & Barley

Date: c. 340 - 330 BCE
Magna Graecia, Italy

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Item Description:

Includes glass top display box.

This didrachm is a remarkable coin from the ancient city-state of Metapontum, situated in present-day southern Italy. The obverse side depicts Leukippos, believed to be the city's mythical founder. He is seen wearing a Corinthian helmet, a symbol of high status in the ancient world.

Flipping the coin reveals a simplistic yet symbolic design: an ear of barley. Not merely a decorative choice, the ear of barley harks back to Metapontum's agricultural roots. Settled amidst fertile lands, Metapontum was known for its rich soil, making it a hub for grain production in the ancient Mediterranean world.

Magna Graecia, which translates to "Greater Greece," refers to the coastal areas of Southern Italy that were colonized by ancient Greek settlers beginning in the 8th century BCE. These Greek colonies flourished in regions such as Calabria, Apulia, and Sicily, creating a rich tapestry of Hellenic culture, art, and philosophy outside of the Greek mainland. Over time, Magna Graecia became a hub of intellectual and cultural exchange, profoundly influencing the indigenous Italic populations.

Many types of coins from Magna Graecia are relatively rare on the private market, and are worth a premium even in lower grades.

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