Kingdom of Morocco, Cast Bronze Falus

Date: 1792 - 1873 CE
North Africa

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Item Description:

These bronze falus coins from Morocco may look similar to coins from ancient times, but they're actually far more recent. Minted between 1792 and 1873 CE under various rulers of the Alawi dynasty, they tell a fascinating story of a nation and its cultural symbols. During this period Morocco experienced internal strife and external pressures from European powers seeking to expand their influence. The country was navigating through political reforms and treaties, trying to maintain its sovereignty.

The falus coins featured the Seal of Solomon, a symbol that has a rich history in Islamic, Jewish, and Christian traditions. In Islamic culture, it's often associated with Solomon's wisdom and power, and its use on the coins may have symbolized divine protection or the ruler's authority. This emblem's presence on the coins reflects the blending of religious symbolism with statecraft, a common practice in many Islamic societies of the time.

The reverse side of these coins features the Islamic calendar year, in which 1260 would equal 1844 CE. However, the reverse side typically has the heaviest wear and most of these coins only have partial details visible, if any.

The term "falus" itself has an intriguing origin too, deriving from a Roman coin known as a “follis” introduced by Emperor Diocletian in 296 CE. The term evolved into "fals" in Arabic and was used for bronze coins issued by the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates. In Morocco, the term became "falus," denoting a specific coin used in the region.

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Mold for casting Moroccan falus coins, made 1871 to 1872 CE

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