Hungary, Bela II Silver Denar

Date: 1131 - 1142 CE
Kingdom of Hungary

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Item Description:

This is a hammered silver denar from the medieval Kingdom of Hungary, dated within the rule of Béla II (also known as Béla the Blind, 1131 - 1142 AD). The denars have been acquired by History Hoard from private collections and thoroughly inspected for authenticity.

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Bela the Blind
Bela the Blind

Béla II of Hungary.

Béla the Blind: A king raised in exile

Béla's childhood was anything but ideal.

Both him and his father were blinded when Béla was only an infant, after his father attempted to steal the Hungarian throne from his brother, King Coloman.

Béla was believed to be dead, though he escaped to live in exile at a monastery with his father. In 1127, whispers of his survival began reaching the Hungarian royal court.

But by then, Hungary had a new king: Stephen II. And in a stroke of luck for Béla, Stephen failed to secure an heir.

With no other choice, Stephen declared Béla as heir to the Hungarian throne to continue the royal bloodline. Against all odds, the sickly and presumed dead child was crowned King of Hungary and Croatia in 1131.

These silver denars were minted under Béla the Blind, and bear the iconic cross found on many coins of medieval Europe.

Medieval Hungary
Medieval Hungary
The Hungarian city of Budapest as it looked in the late Middle Ages.

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