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Origin: This collection includes all three of the most prolific types of gold bar money used from the late Edo period to early Meiji era in Japan. It includes one of each of the following:

Meiji Nibu-kin: This is the largest gold coin in the collection. The average gold purity was around 22%, though this varied from about 25% to 18% over the 10 month period that these coins were produced. The average weight is about 3 grams.

Tenpo Nishu-kin: These are larger than Man'en Nishu-kin, but also less rare. The purity of the gold in these coins is approximately 29.8 percent, and the average weight is about 1.62 grams.

Man'en Nishu-kin: This is the smallest coin of the three, and also the rarest. The purity of the gold in these coins is approximately 22.9 percent, and the average weight is about 0.75 grams.

Nishu-kin and Nibu-kin were important forms of gold bar money in Japan during the Edo Period. As smaller denominations of gold currency, they offered a practical and accessible means of exchange for the population. Nishu-kin, valued at two shu (a shu being a unit of gold weight), and Nibu-kin, valued at two bu (another unit of gold weight), were used in various transactions alongside other gold and silver currencies of the time.

These gold bar coins were carefully crafted with intricate designs and inscriptions, reflecting the rich artistic heritage of Japan. Their unique size, shape, and historical significance make Nishu-kin and Nibu-kin fascinating examples of the diverse and evolving world of Japanese currency during the Edo Period and early Meiji era.

Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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