Almohad Caliphate Square Dirham

Date: 1121 - 1269 CE
N. Africa & Spain

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Origin: These curiously shaped square silver dirhams were struck by the Almohad Caliphate, a Berber or Amazigh Muslim empire that controlled much of Northern Africa and Spain at its height in the 13th century.

The coins minted by the Almohad Caliphate have Arabic script showing mint marks and declarations of faith, though no date is present. They are anonymous, meaning that they are not attributable to any single ruler.

Many hypotheses have formed as to why these coins have a square shape. While it certainly made them easier to cut from a larger piece of metal, most agree that the square symbolism was an intentional design choice. The Almohad incorporated squares into other designs as well, and the coins were likely made square to further project the empire's power.

Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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