India, Gandhara Kingdom

Date: 185 - 165 BCE

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 These coins were produced by the Gandhara Kingdom, an ancient state in northwest India that played a major role as a center for early Buddhist teachings. They are local civic coinage issued by the city of Pushkalavati, featuring a brilliantly struck tiger on the obverse and elephant on the reverse.

The region was also known for having a strong Greek influence due to its conquest by Alexander the Great around 325 BC. Though the coin's weight and square shape are typical of ancient Indian coinage, the design carries a distinct Greco-Indian style. Pushkalavati struck these coins around 185 to 165 BC, in order to assert its independence from the rapidly expanding Graeco-Bactrian kingdoms nearby.

These copper coins measure about 0.8 inches (20mm) in width, and their denomination is 1 1/2 Karshapana. They were obtained from an ANA Certified numismatist, and a Certificate of Authenticity is included with all of our items.

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Gandhara Buddha
Gandhara Buddha

This Greco-Indian Buddha is a prime example of Gandhara art (via Wikimedia)

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