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There are two denominations of this coin available: 2 maravedis (about 25mm diameter) and 4 maravedis (about 30mm diameter).

These bronze maravedis coins, minted after the reigns of Ferdinand II and Isabella I but in their honor, serve as tangible reminders of Spain's pivot from a medieval kingdom to a global empire. Initiated in 1520, these coins bore the esteemed name of the Catholic Monarchs, a title conferred upon them by Pope Alexander VI in 1494.

Ferdinand and Isabella, who secretly wed as teenagers in 1469, sought to unify Spain under the banner of Catholicism. Their reign solidified the merging of Aragón and Castile houses, with Castile often overshadowing its partner due to its larger expanse. Despite this, both kingdoms retained their unique laws and customs. Aiming for religious homogeneity, the duo enacted strict policies, including the expulsion of the Jewish community.

A key accomplishment under their reign was the conquest of the Kingdom of Granada in 1492, the final Muslim stronghold in Spain. This significant victory didn't just shape Spain's religious landscape; it also funded the voyage of Christopher Columbus. Through the Capitulation of Santa Fe, they awarded Columbus the esteemed title of Admiral of the Sea, granting him a sizeable share of the riches from his western voyages.

The maravedis coins stand testament to their legacy, notably their role in transitioning Spanish currency. Lauded for their consistent weight and minor silver content, the coins eventually replaced the previously favored ducat. Their undeniable quality solidified their place as an esteemed international currency, marking a transformative moment in Spanish and global financial history.

The obverse of these coins shows a castle surrounded by the legend "FERNANDVS ET ELISABET D G," while the reverse shows a lion.

Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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