Elymais Bronze Drachm

Date: 147 BCE - 224 CE
Middle East

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Item Description:

 Elymais was a small kingdom that existed along the Persian Gulf from 147 BCE to 224 CE. It was an independent state for most of its history, though it frequently fell under control of the Parthian Empire.

Though many coins of Elymais have been recovered, many aspects of the state still remain a mystery to historians. Its language, Elamite, has no known linguistic relatives and has not yet been fully translated. The culture of Elymais is mostly unknown as well, though it almost certainly had a heavy Greek and Parthian influence. The most complete record of the state is its kings, which were divided into the Kamnaskirid and Arsacid lines.

Coins of Elymais are modelled after the Greek system of currency, and these small bronze pieces are referred to as "drachms" by numismatists. The obverse side of these coins feature a portrait of a king next to an anchor, the symbol of Elymais. There are many different types of reverse designs, but they often show the Greek goddess Artemis surrounded by text.

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