Daily Evening Herald Newspaper

Date: 1880's
Newburyport, Massachusetts

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Item Description:

 These are original issues of the Daily Evening Herald, a newspaper active in Newburyport, Massachusetts during the 1880's and published by William H. Huse & Co. Each one is 4 pages long and contains world news, local news, and antique advertisements.

Every issue represents a snapshot of the Gilded Age (1870's - 1900), a time when the United States transformed from a small agricultural economy to an industrial powerhouse. Though the US experienced massive economic growth, issues with corporate monopolies and workers rights troubled the era. Many of these newspapers actually reflect this, and include coverage of issues such as labor unions and strikes.

Here's a sample scan of an issue from July 25th, 1883!

Each newspaper comes in an archival sleeve for proper storage. It must be handled with care as 150 year old paper is very fragile. These papers may have some repaired portions, but all repairs have been made with extra thin archival grade document tape.

A Certificate of Authenticity is also included.

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