Crusades, Duchy of Athens, Denier

Date: 1294 to 1308 CE

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These coins were struck in the Duchy of Athens, one of the Crusader states set up in modern day Greece after the Byzantine Empire was conquered during the Fourth Crusade. At the time these coins were struck, the Duchy was under the control of the powerful Frankish de la Roche family.

Numerous Crusader states like these were established by Catholic forces along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean. The region remained under European control for hundreds of years, though most of it would be reclaimed in the 15th century. The Duchy of Athens itself was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1456.

This denier coin was struck between 1294 and 1308 AD, towards the end of de la Roche rule in the Duchy. It is made from billon, a silver alloy, and was hammered from a very thin metal sheet in a way that is typical of medieval coins. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is guaranteed genuine.

All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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