Cleopatra, Bronze 40 Drachmai (21mm)

Date: 51 - 30 BCE
Ptolemaic Egypt

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Item Description:

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Origin: This is a bronze coin of Cleopatra VII Philopator, better known as just Cleopatra. She was the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a line of Greek rulers that controlled Egypt since its conquest by Alexander the Great. This coin has seen heavy wear with age, but a portrait of the queen is still visible on the obverse side and an eagle can be seen on the reverse. It was worth 80 drachmai.

Cleopatra is famous for her intelligence, beauty, and relationships with Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Ruling Egypt from 51 BCE until her death in 30 BCE, Cleopatra was a skilled diplomat and spoke several different languages. She sought to protect Egypt's independence and preserve her own power by forming political alliances with Rome.

Her romantic and political liaison with Julius Caesar helped secure her position as Egypt's sole ruler. After Caesar's assassination, Cleopatra formed another alliance with Mark Antony, a prominent Roman military leader. Their relationship led to a powerful military alliance against Rome's Octavian (later known as Augustus), but their forces were ultimately defeated in the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. Following the defeat, Cleopatra committed suicide, which marked the end of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the beginning of Roman control over Egypt.

Cleopatra has become an enduring figure in popular culture and history due to her legendary beauty, her tragic love story, and her ambitious efforts to maintain Egypt's sovereignty during a tumultuous period of history.

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