Celtic Gaul, Silver Quinarius

Date: 80 - 50 BCE
Western Europe

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Item Description:

 These Celtic silver coins were struck over 2,000 years ago, and would have circulated during the Gallic Wars—a war waged by the Roman general Julius Caesar against the nomadic groups inhabiting Gaul, an ancient region consisting of present-day France, Belgium, and parts of the United Kingdom and Germany.

The Celts themselves were a group of Indo-European tribes that once occupied Western Europe between the British Isles and the Danube River region. Roman forces invaded Gaul in order to expand their territory, and the Celts and other tribes in the area ultimately fell under Roman rule when it became a Roman province in 27 BCE.

The design of these coins imitated Roman coinage, as many other early Celtic coins did. As such, it features the helmeted head of the female deity Roma (a personification of the city of Rome) on the obverse and a horse on the reverse. 

Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

A quinarius of the Roman Republic, which these Celtic coins were based on. Note the similar depiction of Roma on the obverse and horses on the reverse.

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