Greek Silver Drachm, Illyria

Date: c. 229 - 100 BCE
Ancient Greek World

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Item Description:

This silver drachm was minted in Illyria, a region in the western Balkans that was heavily settled by the ancient Greeks. A drachm was both a weight and a type of silver coin under the drachma system of measurement, being approximately 3.8 grams in size. Greek coins under this system ranged in size from the tiny 0.9 gram hemitetartemorion to the hefty 43 gram dekadrachm.

This coin originates from Apollonia or Dyrrhachium, both in modern day Albania. These cities were natural trading hubs, with their harbors located along routes of commerce. While Apollonia was eventually abandoned in the late Roman era due to earthquakes causing its harbor to silt up, Dyrrhachium continues to thrive to this day, though it is now known as Durrës.

The coin features a cow with her calf on the obverse, with the name of the magistrate written above, and a double stellate pattern on the reverse.

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