Greek Silver Drachm, Apollonia

Date: c. 229 - 100 BCE

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Origin: This silver drachm was minted in Illyria, a region in the western Balkans that was heavily settled by the ancient Greeks. A drachm was both a weight and a type of silver coin under the drachma system of measurement, being approximately 3.8 grams in size. Greek coins under this system ranged in size from the tiny 0.9 gram hemitetartemorion to the hefty 43 gram dekadrachm.

This coin originates from Apollonia, an ancient Greek trading colony located in modern day Albania and one of the many cities named after the god Apollo. The region became a semi-independent protectorate of the Roman Republic in 229 BC, before it became an official province in 148 BC.

The coin was minted during Apollonia's period as a protectorate, and features a cow with her calf on the obverse with the name of the magistrate written above.

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