The Ancient Collection - 100 AD
The Ancient Collection - 100 AD
The Ancient Collection - 100 AD
The Ancient Collection - 100 AD


The Ancient Collection

100 AD

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Includes info cards and Certificate of Authenticity.

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Hand struck by our ancestors 2,000 years ago.

It's hard to imagine just how much history these coins must have lived through.

They were used by real people, going about their lives over 2000 years ago. Was the Roman coin used to pay a legionnaire? The Chinese one to buy herbal medicines?

But these coins represent more than just money–they're pieces of time. They are one of the few items that have survived the ages, each one with a unique story of its own.

It's likely that many of these coins have been passed down throughout decades or even centuries, and now you can be part of their history. All have been inspected for authenticity by our team.

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Coins Included:


Roman Empire (c. 340 AD)

The most iconic empire in history is well represented, with a coin from around the time of Constantine the Great.

Ancient Greece (800 BC - 600 AD)

Hellenistic culture dominated in ancient times, and extended far beyond the modern Greek archipelago in its day.


Judean Kingdom (200 BC - 135 AD)

Best known in modern times through Biblical references, the story of the Judean Kingdom stretches back to the Iron Age.

Nabataean Kingdom (300 BC - 106 AD)

You may not have heard of the Nabataeans, but you've certainly heard of their greatest achievement: Petra, the rock cut city in the deserts of Jordan.


Ancient China (1050 BC - 618 AD)

Few civilizations evoke as much mystery and awe as ancient China, and its earliest dynasties which founded a nation that would last for millennia.


Ancient India (200 BC - 650 AD)

India in ancient times was a mashup of warring factions, with many different empires vying for control of the subcontinent for hundreds of years.

Your order will include:

  • One coin from each of the civilizations above
  • Acrylic display case
  • Cloth pouch to prevent scratches
  • Six detail cards, with relevant information about your unique coins
  • Certificate of Authenticity


History Hoard relics are guaranteed authentic and have a 100% money back policy. Read more about the History Hoard Promise. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your Certificate of Authenticity is more than just a piece of paper—it's a promise to you.

When you buy from History Hoard, you can rest assured that each of your new relics has been thoroughly inspected under the careful eyes of an antiquities specialist. Only items that are 100% certain to be authentic get sent to our customers.

Plus, we take great care to source our relics from only vetted antiquities experts, who are also committed to providing genuine and ethically sourced relics.

Check out this video to see the most basic things we look for when authenticating coins:

To read more about our promise to you, click here.

Actually, many relics are able to be owned by anyone.

Typically, museums only want to display items that are either very rare or incredibly well preserved. This leaves many items that don't make the cut, and these are able to be owned by individuals.

While the items we sell aren't "museum grade," they still carry with them the same amount of history and uniqueness. Each relic was still hand made by a person, hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

One of our core values is not to damage or alter any of the artifacts we sell.

History needs to be preserved—after all, there is a limited amount of it that survives—but it is also something to be shared with the masses. For this reason, we put our relics in sturdy display cases that are safe to handle, but are mindful that someday the relic may need to be taken out again.

No glue or resin holds the items in place. Instead, we're developed our own method for holding the relics securely in their displays using pressure alone. In fact, any of our relics can be removed in their original condition by simply opening the display case.

You can find our complete FAQ section here.