The Ancient Collection

Date: c. 100 CE
6 Coins

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The Ancient Collection features coins from six different cultures that flourished during antiquity. The collection includes:

  • A Roman bronze nummi from the Constantinian dynasty, featuring the portrait of Constantine the Great or one of his sons (c. 306 to 363 CE)
  • A bronze coin from the kingdom of Elymais, which existed near present day Iran during the Hellenistic period (c. 147 BCE to 224 CE)
  • A prutah from ancient Judea, which bore witness to the tumultuous times of Roman occupation (c. 140 BCE to 70 CE)
  • A bronze coin from the Nabataean Kingdom, the builders of the famous rock carved city of Petra
  • A Chinese wu zhu from the Han dynasty (141 to 87 BCE)
  • A silver punchmarked coin from the Maurya Empire of India (c. 321 to 187 BCE), bearing various culturally significant symbols

Though lacking in precious metal content, these low denomination coins are especially interesting from a historical point of view because they were actually used in everyday transactions. As the currency of the common people, these coins were used to pay for a wide variety of goods and services, as well as taxes. They provide a glimpse into the everyday lives of people in ancient times and can tell us about the economy, trade, and social norms of the period.

This collection comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and each of the coins has been professionally cleaned and conserved.

Your order will include:

  • One coin from each of the civilizations above
  • Acrylic display case
  • Cloth pouch to prevent scratches
  • Six detail cards, with relevant information about your unique coins
  • Certificate of Authenticity


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History Hoard relics are guaranteed genuine and are backed by a 100% money back policy.

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