World War II Collection

Date: 1940's
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Origin: This collection is a complete World War II display piece, bringing together coins from every major power in the Allied Four Powers and the Axis Tripartite Pact

No matter the country, World War II coins were made with one goal in mind: low costs. Typical coin metals like copper and silver were thrown out in favor of cheaper ones like steel, aluminum, or zinc. The war even drove the United States mint to produce the "steel war penny" in 1943, because copper had to be conserved for making bullets. Some nations like Japan even resorted to plastic or porcelain coins, which are quite rare today.

All of these coins are unique to the World War II era, and bear the scars of the time. Though how we remember history's greatest conflict may be up for debate, one thing is for certain—we shall never forget it.

Each collection comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, as well as info cards for each coin.

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Stalin, FDR, and Churchill
Stalin, FDR, and Churchill

The Allied leaders of the European theatre: Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union), Franklin D. Roosevelt (US), and Winston Churchill (UK)

Your order will include:

  • Seven coins produced/circulated during WWII:
    • United States - Steel penny
    • Soviet Union - 15 kopek
    • United Kingdom - threepence
    • China - Fiber coin from Japanese occupied Manchuria
    • Germany - 5 Reichsphennig
    • Japan - 10 sen
    • Italy - 10 centesimi
  • Acrylic display case
  • Detail card with relevant information about the relics
  • Cloth pouch to prevent scratches
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Our original glass and leatherette display boxes showcase your relic above a custom information card, with a design unique to History Hoard.

Authenticity Guaranteed

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