German Notgeld Notes

Date: 1910's - 1920's
Weimar Republic

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Item Description:

Two types of collections are available for these banknotes:

  • Regular, which includes 5 notgeld notes with the exact designs shown above
  • Deluxe, which includes 25 random notgeld notes with different designs (some may have a couple repeats)

 These colorful banknotes were called notgeld, which in German means "necessity money." They were printed during the turbulent economic environment in the half decade after the Great War, when German municipalities were compelled to issue their own currency.

In 1922, Germany experienced a period of hyperinflation, one of the worst instances on record. Throughout the year, the value of the mark deteriorated faster and faster and new money in higher denominations was issued constantly. The Reichsbank could not cope with the logistics of providing the necessary supply of money. To compensate for the shortage, notgeld was issued by various municipalities.

Over 100,000 different designs were used over this time period, and many of them were highly detailed with vivid colors. Their beautiful depictions of both historical and contemporary events in witty, satirical, and even comical ways make them a unique entry in the history of paper money.

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