Dutch East India Co. Coin

Date: 1700's
Southeast Asia

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Item Description:

 These copper coins were made by the Dutch East India Company (VOC), a powerful trading company that controlled a large portion of global trade during the 17th and 18th centuries. The coins are low denomination and feature the VOC monogram with the date of minting on the obverse side. The reverse shows the Dutch coat of arms.

Duit coins were minted in various VOC controlled locations such as Batavia (now Jakarta), Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and the Cape of Good Hope. These coins were produced in large quantities and widely used as currency in VOC territories, as well as in trade with other countries.

The Story of the VOC:

The Dutch East India Company was established in 1602 as a chartered company, with the goal of monopolizing trade between the Dutch Republic and the East Indies. This region included modern-day Indonesia, Malaysia, and parts of China and India.

After its founding, the VOC quickly became one of the most powerful and influential companies of all time. The company had a large fleet of ships and its own army, which it used to protect its trade routes between Europe and Asia and to conquer new territories. The VOC also played a major role in the colonization of parts of the East Indies, establishing settlements and controlling the local economies.

Its power and influence began to decline in the 18th century as other European powers, such as the British and the French, began to challenge its monopoly on trade and colonization. The company was dissolved in 1799, but its legacy can still be seen in the cultural and economic influences it had on the East Indies and Europe.

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