Ottoman Empire, Silver Akce

Date: 1400's
Middle East & Europe

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Item Description:

 These silver akçe date back to various sultans of the 15th century, when the Ottoman Empire was still a relatively new state. Arabic script is featured prominently on both sides of the coin, showing family names, titles, dates, and declarations of faith.

The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299 AD near the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. It saw the height of its power in the 17th century AD, with its influence covering parts of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The empire was one of the longest lived in historythough it was founded in the Middle Ages, it endured into the 20th century and even fought in World War I.

Each of these coins has been thoroughly inspected for authenticity by an ANA Certified numismatist.

Battle of Chaldiran
Battle of Chaldiran

The Battle of Chaldiran (1514) was an instrumental moment in the Ottoman conquest of the Middle East from the Persians.

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