Mongols, Golden Horde Silver

Date: 1242 - 1502 CE
Eastern Europe

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Item Description:

 These silver coins originate from the Golden Horde (1242 - 1502 AD), one of four Mongol khanates that formed after the death of Genghis Khan. They have been acquired by History Hoard from private collections and thoroughly inspected for authenticity.

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Tode Mongke
Tode Mongke

Tode Mongke at the head of the Golden Horde.

The Golden Horde: Western stronghold of the Mongols

The Golden Horde covered much of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but it was part of a greater whole: the Mongol Empire.

Most empires weren't made in a day, or even a century—but the Mongols built the second largest empire in history in only sixty years.

Of course, the man responsible was none other than Genghis Khan.

Upon his death, the massive empire split into four separate states (known as khanates) divided among a handful of his sons.

This was the birth of the Golden Horde, the western stronghold of Mongol influence until it's fall in 1502.

These beautiful coins feature intricate designs of typical Mongol fashion. Most are issues of the modern day Crimea, and are the perfect way to own a genuine piece of this once great empire.

Mongols on horseback
Mongols on horseback

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