India, Samanta Deva Jital

Date: 850 - 1000 CE
Central Asia

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Origin: These copper coins date back to a medieval Hindu dynasty known as the Hindu Shahis, which mostly controlled parts of modern day Afghanistan centered around the city of Kabul. The denomination is known as a jital, and the design features a bull on the obverse and a horseman on the reverse.

Though the Hindu Shahis were not geographically within the modern borders of India, the region at the time was a loose collection of separate Hindu empires rather than a single nation.

Few written works or structures remain from the dynasty, but coins of the Hindu Shahis survive in great numbers. This is partly due to their wide circulation, with many being traded as far as northeastern Europe. Though plentiful, cataloguing these coins provided historians with important details about the dynasty's rulers and influence. "Samanta" is the name of the first ruler whose coins followed this design, which later leaders chose to emulate.

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