Roman Redware Bowl, 5.8 inch

Date: c. 1 - 400 CE
Roman Empire

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Item Description:

Measurements: 5.8 x 5.8 x 2.0 inches

Roman redware refers to a type of pottery or ceramic ware that was produced in ancient Rome. It is characterized by its distinctive red or reddish-brown color, which is a result of the clay used and the firing techniques employed during the pottery-making process. Roman redware was one of the most common types of pottery produced in ancient Rome and was used for various purposes, including cooking, storage, and serving food and beverages.

The production and use of Roman redware pottery were widespread throughout the Roman Empire, and many examples survive today due to its durability.

This item was part of a private collection in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, and was inherited by its most recent owners. Originally, it was acquired in Tunisia in 1969. 

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