Ottoman Empire, Mahmud II

Date: 1832 - 1838 CE
Istanbul, Turkey

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Item Description:

 These coins of the Ottoman Empire were struck in modern day Istanbul, Turkey during the early 19th century under the sultan Mahmud II. Though most of them have a copper like color, the coins were actually made from silver with a low purity level.

The 1800's were a time of decline for the Ottomans and other "gunpowder empires" of the Middle East and India. Western Europe modernized more quickly during the Industrial Revolution, which gave them the upper hand technologically. The Ottoman Empire faced economic challenges as well, due to trade competition from India and the Americas. As a result, the empire was picked apart piece by piece until eventually falling in 1922 after an impressive 623 year run.

The obverse of these coins show Mahmud II's tughra, which is similar to an official seal or signature. The reverse shows the value (20 para) as well as the date of production on the Islamic calendar.

Each of these coins has been thoroughly inspected for authenticity by an ANA Certified numismatist.

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