China, Han Dynasty

Date: 118 BCE - 200 CE
Ancient China

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Item Description:

 Though these bronze Wu Zhu coins were first cast by China's Han Dynasty in 118 BC, almost the same design was used until the start of the Tang Dynasty in 618 AD over 736 years later—making them the longest produced coin design in history.

The coins were based on the "zhu" system of measurement, whereas one zhu was equal to 100 grains of millet. "Wu Zhu" literally translates to "five zhu," although in reality their weight often varied. This is also what the characters on the front of the coin translate to, written in the ancient writing style of seal script

The period in which these coins are from, the Han Dynasty, is considered to be the golden age of ancient Chinese history. Lasting over 400 years, the dynasty laid the groundwork for much of Chinese culture—even today, China's largest ethnic group refers to themselves as "Han Chinese." 

Our Wu Zhu coins come from the collection of a Mr. Fishman, a prominent numismatist in the field of ancient Asian currency who has written a book specifically about Han Dynasty coins. They have been cleaned in a tumbler to remove encrustations and coated with a protective wax to preserve their original finish. These coins are guaranteed authentic, and come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Wu Zhu mold
Wu Zhu mold

A typical clay mold that was used to cast Wu Zhu coins, with metal being poured down into the central "tree." (via Wikimedia)

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