Queen Victoria Penny

Date: 1837 - 1901
United Kingdom

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Item Description:

Queen Victoria was a monarch that defined the 19th century—so much so that the years of her reign became known as the Victorian Age. These pennies depict the queen throughout different stages of her life, with later strikes depicting an older veiled portrait. The different portrait types are visible on the third image above, and a random variant will be sent with each order.

The Victorian Age was a prosperous dystopia. While an expanding middle class of British citizens thrived as technology and culture flourished, the lower classes toiled under the shadow of the Industrial Revolution. Cities saw rapid expansions and both political and social reform were on the rise, but the era was also plagued by regimented factory life and child labor. Overall, the age was a double edged sword of gleaming progress and destitute poverty.

These copper pennies were struck between 1833 and 1901 (the years of Victoria's reign). Each is guaranteed genuine and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Queen Victoria, young and old
Queen Victoria, young and old

Victoria as a princess in 1833 (13 years old), and again as queen in 1882 (69 years old).

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