Scythian Bronze Arrowhead

Date: 750 - 30 BCE
East Europe

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Origin: These Scythian arrowheads date back to at least the 1st century BC (likely earlier), and come from private collections. All have been thoroughly inspected for authenticity.

Note: Prices are variable with this item! These arrowheads are relatively scarce, so the price changes often based on what is available to us.

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The last traces of 2,000 year old warfare.

The soldiers, kings, and empires of ancient wars all eventually fell.

But these arrowheads remained.

Though this style of arrowhead was first used by nomadic tribes called the Scythians, many groups used these arrowheads to down their foes. The Greeks used them to wage war between rival city-states.

Perhaps these arrowheads even helped to build the Roman Empire.

Our ancient bronze arrowheads were discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean. Though they have a Scythian design, the exact people who used them remains a mystery.

Regardless, it's no mystery that these arrowheads have seen a lot of history, and can survive to see much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Scythian archers
Scythian archer
Depictions of Scythian archers on Greek pottery.
Depiction of a Scythian archer on Greek pottery.

About Ancient Arrowheads:

Bronze became the defacto material for arrowheads around 2000 BC, replacing the cruder stone ones of the Neolithic Age. It was sturdy, easy to cast, and held a very sharp edge. Though cheaper iron arrow tips began to develop over the next few hundred years as well, bronze still held its ground well into the beginning of the Medieval period.

These bronze arrowheads came in many different forms. Some were flat, having one blade on each side, while others were three sided. The cruder ones were simply triangle or pyramid shaped, but the more complex ones were barbed—making the arrows nearly impossible to remove without immense pain and tissue damage.

Even into medieval times, archery remained a staple of warfare for centuries. Only in the 16th century did it finally become obsolete in Europe, due to the advancement of early firearms.

Bronze Arrowheads
Bronze Arrowheads

An assortment of ancient bronze arrowheads.

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