Seleucid Empire Bronze

Date: 323 - 63 BCE
Middle East

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Item Description:

 These bronze coins were minted under various kings of the Seleucid Empire between c. 323 and 63 BCE. Each features the portrait of a king on the obverse side, while the reverse sides vary.

Unlike the serrated-edged silver denarii of the Roman Republic, the Seleucid Empire likely didn't serrate the edges of their bronze coins to prove the purity of the metal or stop coin clipping (the practice of shaving metal off the edges of coins). Rather, the practice likely served more of a decorative purpose. One theory is that the tradition of serrated coins helped boost feelings of continuity when a new king took power, and rulers would issue coins of this type to appear more legitimate.

The Seleucid Empire itself was founded by Seleucus I, a successor to Alexander the Great. The empire was Hellenistic, or culturally Greek, and stretched from the eastern Mediterranean to western India. It finally met its end in 63 BCE when the final portions were absorbed into the Roman Empire.

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