Dayrock Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Date: 1930's
Great Depression

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Origin: These stock certificates were issued during the Great Depression by the Idaho based Dayrock Mining Company. Each is dated around 1936, and was traded at a par value of $0.10 per share. The hand written signatures of the bearer and company officials are also present on each certificate.

The Dayrock Mining Company was established in Wallace, Idaho in 1923, originally as the Stratton Mines Company. It was located within the Coeur d'Alene Mountains of northern Idaho, a mineral rich area with a long history of mining.

Although the company itself ceased to exist in 1953, the Dayrock Mine continued operations until 1977 and Wallace remains the largest silver producer in the world to this day

The Great Depression was one of the worst economic downturns in modern history, lasting from the stock market crash in 1929 until the end of the 1930's. It affected rich and poor alike, and severe unemployment meant that many families struggled to put food on the table. The effects of the Depression gradually subsided leading up to the U.S. entrance into World War II, ushering the country into a new era.

The stock certificate comes with a rigid archival document holder for preservation and handling. A Certificate of Authenticity is also included.

NOTE: This certificate has no value as a financial asset, and will not be honored by any extant company today.

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