Civil War Minié Balls (Set of 3)

Date: 1860's
United States

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Origin: This set includes three Minié ball bullets that were discovered using metal detectors on private land in various Civil War battlefields. It is a combination of our other three listings for Union .58 caliber, Confederate .52 caliberand fired rounds. You can save 15% by buying all three together here!

The Minié ball was a game changer for modern warfare. Previously, musket balls were inaccurate, low powered, and could take a full minute to load. Soldiers often just ended up using their bayonets instead.

However, the Minié ball changed that. Suddenly, rifles were more accurate, more deadly, and much more practical. The main advantage of this new style of musket ball was that it allowed for rifles to be fully utilized during combat, an impossible feat just a few years earlier. The Minié ball drastically shortened the time it took to reload, by both fitting easily down the barrel of a rifle and eliminating the need for constant cleaning. They also exited the barrel at bone shattering speeds and hit their mark with greater precision. For better or for worse, this new projectile had changed warfare forever.

A Certificate of Authenticity is issued with every order, and includes information about where the specific bullet was found when available.

President Lincoln visiting the battlefield at Antietam, 1862 

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