Sasanian Empire, Khosrow II

Date: 591 - 628 CE

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Item Description:

 These silver drachms were struck under Khosrow II (also known as "Khusru"), one of the last kings of the ancient Sasanian Empire.

The Sasanian Empire, also known as the Empire of Iranians or the Neo-Persian Empire, was the last Iranian empire before the Middle East fell under Muslim rule. Rising from the ashes of the Parthians, the empire is often considered to be the peak of ancient Iranian culture with its influence reaching as far as Western Europe, India, and China. Much of its art, music, architecture, literature, and philosophy was adapted as the basis of Islamic culture after its conquest.

These coins were made from thinly hammered silver and are quite wide in diameter compared to many other ancient coins. The drachm denomination was a holdout from the Parthians, who in turn were originally mimicking Greek coins. The obverse side shows a portrait of Khosrow II, while the reverse shows a Zoroastrian fire altar.

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