The Deluxe World History Hoard

Date: 118 BCE - 1918 CE
6 Coins

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This set of six iconic coins from around the world gives you an instant collection spanning from ancient times to the modern age. They can be purchased separately at the links below, but you can save $53 by purchasing them together here!

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  1. Han Dynasty China, Wu Zhu
  2. Roman Bronze Nummus, Constantine Dynasty
  3. Crusader Silver Denier, Duchy of Athens
  4. Dutch East India Company, Copper Duit
  5. Pirate Money, Palembang Pitis
  6. Black Hand, World War I

Frequently Asked Questions

Your order will include:

  • Relics:
    • Han Dynasty China: Wu Zhu (118 BC - 200 AD)
    • Roman Bronze Nummus: Constantine Dynasty (300's AD)
    • Crusades Silver Denier: Duchy of Athens (1294 - 1308 AD)
    • Dutch East India Co: Copper duit (1700's AD)
    • Pirate Money: Palembang Pitis, Dutch East Indies (1700's AD)
    • World War I Silver: Serbia, Black Hand (c. 1914 - 1918 AD)
  • Glass top leatherette display box for each item
  • Detail card with relevant information about each relic
  • Certificates of Authenticity

Our original glass and leatherette display boxes showcase your relic above a custom information card, with a design unique to History Hoard.

Authenticity Guaranteed

History Hoard relics are guaranteed genuine and are backed by a 100% money back policy.

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