Spanish Silver Cob, 1R (Pillars & Waves Type) - 1717 - Potosi, Bolivia
Spanish Silver Cob, 1R (Pillars & Waves Type) - 1717 - Potosi, Bolivia

Spanish Silver Cob, 1R (Pillars & Waves Type)

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Coin info:

  • Denomination: 1 real
  • Authority: Phillip V of Spain
  • Date: 1717
  • Mint: Potosi, Bolivia
  • Assayer Mark: "Y" (Diego de Ybarbouru)
  • Design: Pillars and waves obverse, cross reverse

Spanish silver cobs were irregularly shaped, crudely struck coins produced from the 1500's to the mid-1700's. Due to the huge silver deposits found in Spanish colonies in the Americas, there was a pressing need to convert this silver into coins as fast as possible. The solution was to quickly cut large bars of silver into smaller pieces, measuring by weight alone (which was confirmed by an assayer). These pieces then had designs hastily struck onto them, and the coins were ready for circulation.

Spanish cobs are also commonly associated with pirates, as they were the dominant currency when New World piracy hit its peak. The term Pieces of Eight actually comes from the larger 8 real Spanish cob coin, which was commonly cut into eight pieces to make change.

The Spanish monarchy during this period mostly came from the famous House of Hapsburg, ending with the infamous Charles II (also known as Charles the Bewitched, due to his physical disfigurement caused by generations of Hapsburg inbreeding). He was succeeded by Philip V of the House of Bourdon in 1700, ending 184 years of Hapsburg rule in Spain.

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