KGB Spy Camera Button

Date: 1950's - 1980's
Soviet Union

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Origin: These incredible pieces of Cold War surveillance equipment come straight from the collection of the KGB Espionage Museum. While the museum unfortunately closed in 2020, History Hoard obtained these buttons at auction and now everyone can own a small piece of genuine Cold War spy gear!

Designed to look like simple coat buttons, these devices were used to conceal the lens of a subminiature camera (specifically the Russian Ajax-12 / F-21, produced from 1952 to the mid 1990's). The buttons' date of manufacture is harder to pinpoint, but their appearance indicates that they were most likely made in the 1950's or 1960's (though some may date into the 1980's).

The camera would be carefully positioned to shoot from behind the button holes, and was activated with a remote shutter switch hidden in the operative's coat pocket. Often the center of the button was split and would act as a pair of shutters, opening up when a photo was taken. Screw threading on the inside edge of the button would allow it to be easily attached to the shutter apparatus (see photos below, courtesy of

Two button varieties are available: open center and closed center. The open center buttons would have had a pair of shutters over the lens that opened when a photo was taken. The closed center buttons simply took photos through the four button holes (these cost more as we have a lot fewer to sell). Each includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

Soviet Ajax-12 / F-21 Camera

The KMZ Ajax-12 or F-21 subminiature camera with the film cassette removed.

A complete fake button covering the Ajax-12's lens. Only the brown portion would be exposed outside an agent's clothing.

The button shutter apparatus. Two "button" pieces, complete with fake threads, would cover the camera lens and opened up when a photo was taken.

A complete Ajax-12 kit, complete with the button shutter apparatus and replacement buttons.

Physical prints of the photos above (and 4 more) are included with each button. Images courtesy of Crypto Museum, check them out here!

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