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Coin info:

  • Ruler: Pope Pius V, issued under the papal state of Comtat Venaissin in France
  • Year: 1566 to 1572
  • Size (diameter): 19mm
  • Denomination: Half groschen
  • Material: Billon (Silver mixed with copper or other base metal)
  • Design: Pope sitting on throne on the obverse, cross with double keys in each quarter on reverse

The Papal States were a collection of territories that were directly governed by the Pope from the 8th to the late 19th century. Most were located in central Italy, but one notable example of this is the Comtat Venaissin, a papal enclave located in southeastern France that was controlled by the French kings but also claimed by the Pope as part of the Papal States.

Pope Pius V, who reigned from 1566 to 1572, was a strong ruler during the Counter-Reformation and was known for his efforts to strengthen the Catholic Church. He also oversaw the formation of the Holy League, a coalition of Catholic states that defeated the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. Despite his successes, Pope Pius V faced challenges from various European powers, including France, which sought to exert influence over the Papal States.

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